Tuesday 24 May at 10:30am EST, 15:30 BST

Copper is one of the key commodities that will enable the global energy transition to move the world to a zero-carbon future

  • Copper demand is widely forecast to accelerate in response to the needs of the energy transition and it appears to be an accepted fact that over the coming decade there will be insufficient supply to balance the anticipated demand for copper
  • Copper industry faces a range of challenges over the coming decade to meet that anticipated demand grade decline and the depletion of reserves, climate change impacts, ESG pressures and political and regulatory issues are compounding a significant fall in large scale discoveries and a lack of investment in recent years
  • Copper Pathway to 2030 is bringing together four of the leading industry players who will be providing solutions to these issues and investment opportunities along the way
  • Our panel’s perspectives on the industry and the actions they are taking to shape it in the coming years will be of interest to investors and industry participants alike

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